Pricing old

Pricing old


All services are individualized and custom designed for you by licensed professionals.


Professionally applied personal color match that provides an even spray and hides skin imperfections with no white patches or heavy lines. 

$45 per session 

The same quality spray tan as the individual service for you and a friend.  Take advantage of the discount.

$35 each per session  

Invite more friends to enjoy a custom tanning experience.  Everyone in the group receives a discount off the individual price.

$30 each per session walk-in
$40 each per session at home

Scents and Shimmer $5
DHA Boost $10
Hydration Lift $10
Vitamin Bath $10
Collagen Boost. $10


Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, and treated with personalized mask followed by massage of face, neck and decollate.

$40 per session 

An advanced electrotherapy treatment that repairs sun damage, clears acne, speeds healing, decreases pigmentation and stimulates collagen production. Suitable for all skin conditions.

$60 per session

Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Each peel is totally unique and created specifically for your skin type.

$45 per session

Dermaplaning is a modern way to achieve exfoliation. It not only removes peach fuzz, but it also takes care of dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling smooth and looking bright.

$75 per session

Hydrojelly Mask $10
Extraction $10
Lymphatic Drainage $10
Ice Globe $10

Brows and Lashes

$10 per session 

Lifts and smooths your brow to create a sleek, neater and fuller eye brow, lasting 4-6 weeks.

$50 per session

Curls your lashes for a longer and fuller open eye look.

$45 per session

Hair Removal

Brazilian waxing includes the removal of ‘all’ hair in the pelvic area from the front to back

$60 per session

A basic bikini wax, the removal of only the hair that is exposed by a ‘modest’ swimsuit or panty. For a bikini, it would be hair at the top of the thighs and under the navel.

$50 per session

A French Bikini is not as conservative as an American and not as invasive as a Full Brazillian wax. It will include the additional removal of hair off the top/directly under the bikini line, under the crease line and a little more off the sides/inside the bikini line.

$55 per session 

Ankle to Knee
$30 per session 

Toe to Thigh
$35 per session 

Arm Pit
$15 per session 

Wrist to Elbow
$20 per session 

Finger Tips to Shoulder
$25 per session 

$10 per session 

$5 per session 

$10 per session